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Whether you're seeking experts in Project Controls, System Engineers, Safety Engineers, Project Managers, Engineering Directors, or Human Factors Engineers, we can support you. Our extensive network spans the UK, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, and Denmark, offering access to the brightest minds in the fields of Advanced Engineering, Renewables, Advanced Technology, Defence, Aerospace, Advanced Construction, and Mission Critical projects.

At Core Talent Recruitment we understand the critical role that talent plays in the success of your projects. Our dedicated team of industry-focused recruiters ensures that you connect with the most qualified candidates who can drive innovation, meet deadlines, and exceed expectations. We take pride in our ability to match your specific requirements with exceptional engineering professionals who are ready to make an impact.

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We specialise in recruiting Automation Engineers and other key roles within advanced engineering sectors across Europe. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of industries at the forefront of technological innovation, including Battery Storage, Data Centres & Industry 4.0.

Commercial & Project Controls

For commercial and project controls disciplines we work in Ireland and right across Europe, with a focus within Data Centers, gigafactories, semiconductors, and pharmaceuticals. Our expertise extends to roles for Quantity Surveyors, Commercial Managers & Project Controls Engineers.


Commissioning roles play a critical role in ensuring the functionality, efficiency, and reliability of systems within Data Centers and advanced engineering sectors. We recruit across a wide variety of technical roles to include Commissioning Engineers, Commissioning Managers and Validation Specialists.

Design and Architecture

Design and architecture play pivotal roles in shaping the infrastructure and functionality of construction, pharmaceutical, and gigafactory industries. We recruit experienced professionals in these sectors, recognising the critical role they play in delivering successful projects.

Embedded Software Engineering

We provide embedded software engineering recruitment services across the UK and Europe, including Germany. Our expertise lies in sourcing top-tier talent for key roles, including Software Engineers and Software Developers, across the defence, marine, rail, space, and automotive industries.

Hardware & Electronics Engineering

In the advanced technology sector, experienced hardware and electronics professionals accelerate product development & maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving landscape. Roles such as Hardware Engineers, Electronics Designers, and FPGA Engineers are instrumental in developing hardware components and systems.

Human Factors Engineering

The demand for experienced Human Factors professionals is rising in sectors like Defence, Rail, Aerospace, and Automotive. These experts bring deep insights into human behavior, cognition, and performance, crucial for designing complex systems to ensure usability, safety, and efficiency.

Project Management

We have a deep understanding of the unique demands of a highly experienced project management skills required for mission-critical projects across Europe within industries such as Data Centers, gigafactories, pharmaceuticals, and advanced engineering.

Safety Engineering

Safety engineers hold the key to ensuring the reliability, integrity, and safety of complex systems in within the Defence, Rail, Areospcae and Automotive Sector. We specialise in Systems Safety, RAM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability), Safety Assurance, Functional Safety and Product Safety roles.

Semi Conductor

The semiconductor industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented surge in growth, with projections indicating that this trend will endure for the foreseeable future. This remarkable expansion is fuelled by the widespread adoption of cutting-edge technologies and the global demand for electronic devices.

Systems Engineering

Our team excels in sourcing candidates for roles such as Systems Engineer, Systems Architect, Requirements Engineer, V&V (Verification & Validation) Engineer, Test & Integration Engineer, and experts in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

Industry Expertise

We specialise in matching professionals with opportunities

We are specialists in the art of connecting top talent with the most dynamic businesses and projects across Europe. Our mission is to not only fill positions but to cultivate meaningful partnerships that drive success for both employers and employees.

With a strong presence in key hubs across Europe, we have access to a vast pool of talent and opportunities. Whether you're a candidate seeking your dream job or a company looking for top-tier talent, we've got you covered.

Industry Expertise

We specialise in matching talented professionals with the right opportunities

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

We match top talent to the high-tech jobs of the future. Our Advanced technology division partners with forward-thinking, innovative companies within Embedded Software, Hardware & Electronics, Systems, and Safety.

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